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Why another dirt bike school page? Isn’t there a lot of advice on how to brake correctly or good throttle control? There certainly are a lot of riding technique pages around. On this page however I will pay homage to three excellent dirt bike riders who have taught me some lessons that I haven’t found in any magazine yet. Out of gratitude for the trouble they saved me I share them here with everybody who is interested.

Select your lines

First there was Sandor Sasvari, the multiple Hungarian Enduro Champion. He used to run enduro training week ends in the beginning of the season. It was my first introduction into real enduro riding. One of the numerous valuable tips was “Muss ma gucken wo fahrt!” which translates into “check where you go”. As simple as it may sound it has saved me lots of trouble.

Use your foot pegs

The second one was Denis Claude in Pont-a-Mousson (France). His friends called him lovingly “le fou” (the crazy one) because after a crash with a head injury he believed Marzocchi forks were the best. This was proof to his friends that he has lost his marbles. Nevertheless he was an excellent rider and taught me a lot about keeping the balance on the bike and using the foot pegs correctly. That is not to rest you feet on them but to use them actively. (I still owe him money by the way, so if somebody knows his whereabouts…)

Gas it!

Last but not least my husband Hilton Hayward, former South African Champion and 14 times Roof finisher (winning his class and all). The advice I always got from him was “you just gotta gas it!”. Not that this advice in itself was very helpful at the time. Especially after witnessing something that seemed by the laws of physics not even possible. But riding behind him, I realized that what-seemed-impossible was conquered by commitment. That is what he called “just gas it” or “keep it wide open”.

You can read more about my secrets that I treasure because they made up for the lack of strength in the following articles on this dirt bike school page.

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