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Dirt Bike Air Filter Maintenance

Dirt bike air filter maintencance: we'll have a look at the 5 steps of how to maintain your air filter properly.

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Motorcycle oil change

How to do a motorcycle oil change of your four stroke dirt bike. The oil in a modern four stroke dirt bike has a tough time. Follow this step by step guide on how to do an oil change.

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The Fox Shock is born: Head or Tales?

Bob Fox machined his first fox shock manually in a friend’s garage. Today the RC3 is one of the most competitive aftermarket shocks for Dirt Bikes.

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Aftermarket Suspension For Dual Sport Bikes

Aftermarket suspension for your dual sport bike increases safety, reduces stopping distances, tire wear and greatly improves handling. Here are 3 ways of upgrading…

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How to buy motorcycle gear - online

To buy motorcycle gear on the internet is sometimes tricky. Especially when you are not in the US. Watch out for hidden costs like vat or duties.

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How Chain And Sprocket Affect Your Suspension

Have a look at your chain and sprocket if you have traction and suspension problems. It may be worthwhile to experiment with different sprocket combinations in order to improve traction and handling.

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Main Bearings: The Care and Feeding

Replacing main bearings in a two-stroke motor is a big job. Hopefully you can avoid an expensive lesson by listening to these words of advice.

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Dirt Bike School: Riding Secrets

On this dirt bike school page I will pay homage to three excellent dirt bike riders who have taught me some lessons that I haven’t found in any magazine yet.

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Aftermarket WP Forks: The Ups and Downs of WP

The new WP forks Cone Valve and the Trax shock available for PDS and linkage were created in those efforts to bring the WP Aftermarket back to their previous standard.

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Motorcycle Suspension Testing

Suspension testing should foster the rider’s confidence into the material. After several changes you will get confused. Which setting felt better?

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