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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to buy motorcycle gear online. The suppliers make it as easy as possible. But there are several things like vat, duties or return policies that you want to take into consideration before raiding the online shops.

First I would like to state that I am a strong supporter of our local dealers. But every now and again it is just a question of availability. Not all the nicest gear, tools or latest blings are available around the corner. Sometimes the buy motorcycle gear online deals are irresistible. So once in a while it is nice to check out the endless possibilities of shopping with the tips of your fingers.

Value added tax

If the supplier is not in the same country as you, he won’t charge you VAT (Value added tax) but you will have to pay VAT when the product enters your country. VAT varies from country to country. In South Africa we have 14%. In the US as far as I know there is no VAT but something that is called sales tax that varies between 3-11%. Most European countries have VAT rates of around 20%. So when you buy motorcycle gear take that into your price calculation when looking for a good deal.


Another problem that might arise are duties. Some countries have duties on certain products. In South Africa there are no duties on motorcycle parts but on clothing we have some outraging duties of 40%. This article is not the place discuss duties and tax differences of all countries but I would just like to say that much: If you are on a budget, start with a small order or share an order with some friends first. In this way you can get an idea of the “real” price advantage of the internet without hurting if it turns out more expensive than expected.

Return Policies

Nowadays online shops have quite good return policies. If it arrives and you don’t like it you can send it back no questions asked. But not all shops operate on that level. So have a look at the return policies. Especially if you purchase something that might need returning when it doesn’t fit properly like boots, helmets or other gear.


Normally shipping costs will directly be deducted the moment you check out. They will be charged from the supplier and added onto your credit card. International shipping costs can be ridiculous high. Its worth to check that out carefully before hitting the "submit order" to buy motorcycle gear.

Not all suppliers will ship internationally. The solution to this is MyUS. If you register with them you can have a US Postal address and they will forward the shipment for you wherever you are. Once off registration fee $10,-. I highly recommend them. They are very helpful, efficient and you get good shipping rates. We use MyUS for importing because the US has a lot of restrictions and red tape around exporting. MyUS are much faster than other freight forwarders we have used in the past.

The Shops

Now that we covered the formalities let’s start with the fun part. I will present to you some popular places where to buy motorcycle gear and accessories. (If I missed your favourite spot please let me know – I am eager to find new shopping jewels!)

1)  The Motorcycle Superstore

  • Land of origin: US
  • Ships to : US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK
  • Free Shipping: Inside the US from $89,-
  • Selection: Biggest online retailer, selection is huge
  • Pricing: Offers a best price guarantee, so definitely worth checking on your shopping tour.
  • Link: Motorcycle Superstore

2)  MotoSport

  • Land of origin: US
  • Ships to: Internationally
  • Has a currency converter and shows the prices in your currency and door to door prices. So no surprises! Thumps up for that.
  • Selection: Motorcycle gear, accessories, parts and aftermarket products
  • Pricing: Lowest price guarantee
  • Link: MotoSport

3) Metal Mulisha

  • Land of origin: US
  • Ships to: Worldwide, ships to SA depending from $100,- so make sure it is worthwhile.
  • Free Shipping inside the US over $79,-
  • Selection: Metal casual wear
  • Pricing: Good prices for brand clothing, watch out for some excellent deals
  • Link: Metal Mulisha

4)  Indie Bike

This is a cycling wear store. Good for MTB Gear and also for the base layers that you can also use for riding if you ride in colder conditions.

  • Land of origin: US
  • Ships to: Only US.
  • Free Shipping Inside the US over $65,-
  • Selection: High Quality cycling gear road and MTB
  • Pricing: Price match and money back guarantee
  • Link: Indie Bike

5)  Bike Bandit

  • Land of origin: US
  • Ships to: Internationally
  • Free Shipping Inside the US over $99,-
  • Selection: Motorcycle gear, accessories, parts and aftermarket products
  • Pricing: Lowest price guarantee
  • Link: Bike Bandit

I would appreciate additional input of what was your shopping experience. Keep the exchange rate in mind. It is easy to e.g. calculate dollar to rand with 10 when in reality it is 11 at the moment (and sometimes drastically different from day to day) and will ad 10% to your calculations.

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