Aftermarket Suspension
For Dual Sport Bikes

As an aftermarket suspension company, Yacugar was founded in 2008 by some of WP’s former employees due to KTM’s acquisition and merger strategy. It was after KTM moved production all from Holland to Austria, that some retrenched proactive motorbike enthusiasts decided: “Stuff that for a jol!” and started Yacugar to become competitors to WP.

Today Yacugar is an established name in the suspension industry. Besides excellent on-road steering dampers and good quality springs, some of Yacugar’s most popular products are the aftermarket shocks for the dual sport off road and road market.

Here are the 3 steps for upgrading your dual sport suspension from the least to the most pricy:

1) Fit progressive springs

Progressive springs will help compensate for the negative impact of load changes on dual sport bikes due to bags or pillion passengers. Depending on your bike, you could fit progressive springs up front or at the rear. They allow for good comfort when the bike is light, but also help bottoming and bike balance when you load the bike The results are remarkable without costing and arm and a leg. (Read more on

2) Make a setting change

Dual Sport Bikes are usually setup rather soft for rider comfort. For African conditions it can be quite helpful to make the suspension harder by changing the internal valving. This is a good option but only possible for rebuildable suspension. Some adventure bikes have sealed units that cannot be opened and revalved

3) Go for aftermarket suspension

Aftermarket shocks are a good solution to alleviating the problem of the notorious under damped soft dual sport bikes suspension. Like with production car shocks, which will be used until they need replacement, the BMW shocks - even though quite reliable for around 50.000km -will eventually need to be changed.

As many are not rebuildable, no servicing or tuning is possible and performance always decreases slowly. A blown shock can be slightly annoying or catastrophic depending on where you find yourself in Africa.

Besides standard suspension has generic settings designed to suit the masses with little option for individual setup. They are made to work as efficiently as possible at the lowest possible production costs, sacrificing performance and adjustability. Aftermarket shocks are the logic answer to all these problems and well worth considering.

Yacugar - good upgrade solutions

Yacugar engineers knew all this from decades of WP development and experience and have catered for this niche market. The E-RS , S-RR and S-RS shocks, are fully adjustable, can be rebuilt or revalved, are affordable and greatly improve handling providing you with a much better riding experience. (For technical info check:

All in all tuning your dual sport suspension not only enhances your riding experience, but it also increases your safety, reduces stopping distances, tire wear and greatly improves handling.

To read more on setting up your dual sport bike go to Dual sport motorcycles. To read more on aftermarket suspension go to WP forks.

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