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When your dirt bike is set up right you will be faster, safer and ride places you couldn't go before. No joke! You don't have to waste your money on exhaust systems, bar raisers, steering dampers or air bleeders without knowing when and why it is sensible to invest in those motorbike accessories.

One of the few advantages of being a girl when riding a dirt bike is that you can ask all the questions in the world. You won't get any dirty looks. 20 years down the line I think I have asked them all:

Being short and somewhat weak I realized when your motorbike is set up right the handling is just that much better. I am often amazed at how little of the need-to-know facts about off road riding are actually common knowledge amongst the riders. I think that most guys make up the lack of handling with pure force and strength.

But wasting a lot of energy on trails and a lot of money in the shops is not the worst. You even could crash and get hurt due to wrong set up and dirt bike gear.

So where to start? Any rider - even good racers - should know about the right spring rate and setting the sag. So maybe check that out first. It is really super important for a good ride on your dirt bike. And then just take it from there.

Keep it up!

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